Better Fullscreen Flash Detection in Caffeine

Why: I’m currently running Ubuntu 11.10 and I recently discovered Caffeine to help me overcome a problem with the screensaver/screenlock kicking in when watching videos on the web. Unfortunately the option to “Activate for flash video” will not work for iPlayer and, so I added firefox to the list of programs that Caffeine activates for. Although this is working it’s not optimal, since the screensaver/screenlock won’t kick in if I forget to close firefox. So I have been trying to come up with a better solution, that effectively detects fullscreen Flash.

How: I wrote a small bash script called that checks if the current window is libflashplayer. I changed the _check_for_Flash method in and made it call instead of

Download: Better Fullscreen Flash Detection in Caffeine.tar.gz

I had some inspiration for the fullscreen flash detection in anĀ thread


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